Austin Area Chairs


We’re still waiting on a story to be published before we can show any images from it, but for today’s post we went back through our photos from shopping for the story to find something we really liked. The pieces we found that most stood out was this pair of chairs (only one pictured, sorry!) from AREA in the Second Street district here in Austin. When we first set eyes on them, we just loved them. And we knew they would work perfectly for the story. We were going for a warmer look in the home, and while these were still gray, the traditional feel, antique finish and rich darker gray upholstery really made them perfect. We shot a few options without them, but in the end they ended up making it into the story. We were just in AREA a day or two ago and much to our surprise, they’re still there! Go and check them out and see some of the other great stuff AREA has to offer.

AREA 117 Lavaca, Austin, Texas 78701 | 512.474.AREA

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